Sunday, August 06, 2006

some recent pictures of the family

Here is Ben playing on the floor with vehicles.... like he does every day ;o)
Here is my little Lua hanging out in a halter top that auntie Holley gave her. She had better enjoy dressing like this now, because she will not leave the house like this when she is a teenager!
Lua rolling around on the floor trying to eat her foot. cutie!!
Here is my honey on is birthday a couple of weeks ago. We have been off of sugar, so cake was such a treat! you can see Ben trying to get his finger into the frosting!
My two little ones chilling out in the living room. I love Ben's posture in this picture. Like a little man with his leg crossed. Isn't Lua's headband funny? I have to keep her hair out of her eyes!


Gail Amare said...

Charity and Dan! Just wanted to let you know that I've been keeping in touch with you by reading your blog. What a cute family you have! Congratulations!

Krisia said...

What a gorgeous famıly you have!!! Luvya!

Saba & Sieni said...

charityyyyy!! so good to see your blog and to catch up on your life after so long. your kids are soooo adorable!

Amelia, Maleha & Kaiwan said...

What cuties!! Ben is looking so grown up!!! We had no idea you guys had a Blog and were happy to come across it. Miss you guys...
Kaiwan, Amelia & Maleha

hnl said...

I love Dan's cake. It looks sooo colorful. (My first comment on your blog. Wheeee!)

<3 Heather

Ray Sollenberger said...

Great pictures Dan and Charity, It's been a long time, you have a beautiful family. Nothing at all going on here in Nebraska, Miss your face Dan. I'm sure that Nebraska will beat Iowa tomorrow.

Ray Sollenberger

Marv Peck said...

I had no idea you guys had this up and running. Sorry you had to cancel the game night, but maybe next time we can make it!

Rock On!