Tuesday, July 18, 2006

the happy hoferts

the happy hoferts i am just trying something.... i don't know what this does


chARiTy and Dan Hofert said...

all of you blog savvy users are laughing at me... i was playing with the "blog this" feature. i get it now. ;o)

Krisia said...

hehehehhe! Works much better when you blog something other than your own blog! ;o)

chARiTy and Dan Hofert said...

i'm just figuring all of this out... i don't even know how to link to other people's blogs yet. i am a real dummy when it comes to this stuff.

brimming brimberries said...

Charity! I found your link on Holley's site. So good to finally find you!
write me back so we can stay in touch: rhodabell@gmail.com

your family is beautiful. I really miss you!