Sunday, July 23, 2006

just a little post

Just a little post because i don't want to spend too much time sitting at the computer right now.... i would have had time to post something longer and maybe more interesting if i hadn't just spent 20 minutes searching around Craigslist for things i don't need. I am not buying these things, mind you... well, not often anyway ;o) i just surf around looking for fabulous deals and rare finds and then i e-mail them to myself and others. a real time waster. good fun.
so, this will just be a little post- a "postlette" really- because my two children are sleeping simultaneously and we know that that won't last for long. We were at Feast until very late last night; had a wonderful time... but were out hours past bedtime and so the little boy went down for a rest with practically no fuss today. that means he is REALLY tired. The little girl is also asleep for the time being, though i am not sure how as her daddy is in a closet adjascent to ours drilling drywall screws into the wall. anyway, so long as they are both asleep i thought i would write a little note.
The cute thing that i was thinking about has to do with our little son who is moving towards being completely potty trained. It is a big step in our lives, and i can't tell you how happy we are to not have two babes in diapers. so happy. of course, it is a pretty intense time of having to pay CLOSE ATTENTION. Mostly Ben is great about telling us when he has to use the potty. sometimes, he doesn't mention that he has to go, but there is really no need because he is blatantly doing the potty dance; a little aerobic routine that leaves no question as to whether or not he has to go. One thing that we have learned is that we must DEFINITELY ask him if he has to go BEFORE he sits down to watch "Clifford the Big Red Dog". That show is just way too compelling to get up from to go to the potty..... so compelling in fact, that one doesn't even realize that one HAS to go potty.... and so it just happens. right on the overpriced Crate and Barrel couch......... scotch guard can only handle so much. Until you have kids in college, there is probably no point in having any furniture other than bean bags and area rugs.
Another thing that we have learned in the "potty training" process is that the right underwear is tremendous incentive. Ben is very very proud of his "big boy underwear" and particularly loves the briefs with the "Cars" characters on them.
( May i also mention that there are few things cuter than an almost three year old wearing a tiny pair of briefs. truly.) He likes "Mater" a lot, but the character that really strikes his fancy is "Lightening McQueen". To hear him say the name is really about the cutest thing that i have ever heard. First of all, he says it with such flair and inflection, and very loudly- as if he is the announcer at a big race. Secondly, whenever he says it, he usually says it about three times in quick succession. Thirdly, he pronounces it as "Limey Naqueen". whew. so funny.
Okay, that's all for now. sorry for using the word "cute" so much. It is hard for me to avoid when i am talking about Ben. ;o) If you met him, you'd know why.
I've got to figure out how to link to friend's pages. I am pretty sure that there are about three people that read this blog. not that that is the reason i am writing.... but it would be fun to know that writing here was actually helping me to stay connected with other people in some way. i'll figure it out....

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