Tuesday, February 14, 2006

el dia del amor

Happy Valentines Day. Another good day to have a baby... especially when your baby was "due" yesterday..... "due" is sort of a cruel word to use to describe the situation though; i mean, it carries with it a very negative connotation i think. the opposite of "due" being "overdue"... as if you are now toting around some overdue library book and accruing dreadful fines with the passing of each day.... made all the more awful when nearly everyone who sees you says, "are you STILL pregnant?!?!". my new answer will be "no. i had the baby days ago. i left her at home and am just out getting some air. oh, i still look 11 months pregnant? it's just the pants...."
i'm just kidding... though it is easy to slip into a sarcastic and somewhat obnoxious response mode when nobody seems to be able to think about anything else other than my enormous belly and the Shrek feet that i have taken to walking around on. It will be a relief when the baby gets here-- that everyone can just look at her and stop looking at me.... patting me sympathetically and groaning about my being pregnant "poor sweetie". i've had it with that!!!!
i am actually doing great to be honest. Happier and more energetic and positive than i felt last week. i was actually ten days "overdue" myself by the time i was born, and my brother was two weeks late (bless my mother's heart- he was a big moose of a baby too).... so part of me is just very resigned to the possibility of waiting a little longer for this little one to arrive. in the meantime i am crossing all sorts of things of my to do lists and being very nesty-- which is right up my alley anyway..... one thing that is a little hard is knowing that Dan's folks will only be here for a few more days... and they would obviously like to meet their new granddaughter before they leave the continent.... i can certainly appreciate their excitement, but i also can't completely ignore the feeling that someone is waiting on me and that i just can't perform under these conditions!! My midwife is leary of giving any predictions as to when the baby will arrive-- obviously there is really no way to know.... but she said that if she had to guess, she would say that the baby will come right after they leave. in some part of my heart, i think she may be right. we had talked about changing their tickets so that they could stay for longer to increase the chances that they may be able to see her.... but now i am not so thrilled with that idea if in some part of my pregnant brain i am feeling performance anxiety and will not go into labor until we are alone again!! i am detached as i can be - i think--- but don't get me wrong--- I WANT TO HAVE THIS BABY SOONER THAN LATER!! :o)
whatever will be will be.
so... other than that... what is the other news on the hofert homefront? my little sonshine has quieted down in the other room. he didn't seem too interested in snuggling in the rocking chair for very long before his nap today-- which is unusual because he is such a snuggle bug lately.... but rather wanted to get right into his bed and snuggle with his "Peaches kitty" (named after our neighbor's cat- with whom he is completely enthralled) and under his cozy blanket "that aunt Weswie give to me". anyway, he stirred for awhile and i thought this might one of those days when he just skips right over the nap entirely, but now he is quiet again. Speaking of kitties and of my sweet little son... the other night when Dan was putting ben to bed, ben said to his daddy "I wike kitties. i wike kitties all day long". that means he RREEEAAAALLLYYY likes them. o)
Well, it is a beautiful day here in Atlanta, Georgia... and sinse i have someone to stay here with the sleeping boy i should hop up (yeah- hop up-- RIIIIGGHT) - rather, i should heave myself out of this chair, get dressed in some walking clothes and get myself out of this house for a walk around the neighborhood.... walk this baby down.... and get some fresh air.

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