Wednesday, February 08, 2006

well, here we go

well.... in the last months i have been hopping around on the internet peeking into the thoughts of people i know... reading some posts of people that i don't .... and having been thoroughly sucked into this strange new(ish) mode of communicating, i too have now succumbed to the irresistable pull of the BLOG. so, here i am, typing my first entry.... wondering if i will ever have anything clever or interesting to say , or whether i will just carry on about what my son had for lunch, or what the funniest/ cutest thing is that he has said lately.... or how i am so-and-so many days away from the due date of our baby daughter..... (by the way, i am now 4 days away from the projected "due" date of our baby daughter :o) In any case, i am sure if nothing else, that it will be nice for our parents and a sprinkling of close friends who care, to be able to go somewhere online where they can hear something of our comings and goings and see pictures of our kids. so, hello all. glad to be here.

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Krisia said...

How exciting! As one of the few friends that care, I, for one am thrilled that you are a blogger... Now here I go, off to read your blog, and find out about Lua! Congratulations!!!