Monday, February 20, 2006

well, i am getting to the end of my rope

i am trying to be as good a sport about this as possible.... but i must admit, i am starting to get weary. today is monday the 20th of February and our little one (who is probably fairly huge by now) has still not joined us here on the other side. perhaps the fault is mine... i have just made it too comforable in there... she just wants to stay put... but i am running out of womb! i never could have imagined how uncomfortable it would be to be so large... so unwieldy; getting up off the couch is like an olympic event these days (and believe me, i am not scoring any medals for the team). I try to continue to be positive and remind myself that everything is happening for a reason and that she WILL eventually come. i have a prenatal with my midwives today, and i know that, as usual, they will set my mind and heart at ease and i will leave feeling better than when i went in and more positive about the remaining time that i have being pregnant... especially when they listen to the babe and she sounds good, and my blood pressure is good, and there is still no protein in my urine....It will be another story when i go to the doctor's tomorrow and they want to strip my membranes, and i tell them no, they cannot... and they look at me like i am from neptune.... or worse, they want me to check in to the hospital right away so that they can just go ahead and induce--- and will want me to have pitocin like i did with Ben... no thank you! that is not the route i am interested in travelling this time. I will be eager to hear what Claudia (my midwife) will have to say about what i can go in armed with tomorrow- in terms of responses to what the doctors in my OBGYN practice are going to probably say and want to do. if i turn myself over to them, the dreams of trying this at home will slip away again. Barring any difficulties, i will stick to my guns and tell them, no, i am not checking in.... give me another week and we'll talk then. They think i am such a nut. "why is she doing this to herself?"
Blah blah blah you say. i am sick of hearing this lady rant about being pregnant. well, to that i say, "find another blog to read". ;o) because chances are good that until this baby decides to join the world of the living on THIS side of my skin, i am going to have more to say about this. thank you for bearing with me... and please, if you are a spiritual person (and even if you are not) if you could whisper a little prayer for me because i am, truly, getting to the end of my rope.

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Rory's Dawn said...

Wow, I just posted this entry on my blog when I decided to do a Google search on the Hoferts to see if I could find any new and exciting news and found the link to your blog.

You probably don't remember me but I'm the one in the long blue dress next to Cecil Peterson.

How are John and Priscilla?

Congratulations on your new baby :) I just had my daughter on February 20th and she's the love of my life. My belly got about as big as Charity's...heheh

I'd love to hear back from you.
Take care.

With Baha'i love,
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